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What Is A Traumatic Brain Injury?

The brain is a vital component of the human body. In the brain many different bodily processes are controlled, from a person's ability to use their senses to their abilities to move and control their bodies. When the brain is healthy, the systems of the body may work...

What are your chances of a crash with an uninsured driver?

You pay your car insurance on time like your other bills, and so you probably take for granted the idea that you will have coverage if you ever get into a crash. Unfortunately, your protections rely a lot more on whether the other person has insurance than your own...

Questions for the Insurance Adjuster

Our usual advice to Kentucky residents who have been in a car accident is to be careful about what you say to any insurance company representative who contacts you after a crash. It’s easy to harm your claim by saying something that allows the insurance company to...

How to Block the Ability to Text While Driving

While aggressive driving behaviors like speeding and tailgating are responsible for their fair share of accidents, there is another in particular that causes many wrecks: Distracted driving. Many people drive with cell phones and try to use their device while driving....

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