Careless Companies


Whether you’re using a product, stepping onto someone else’s property, placing a loved one in a nursing home or doing your job at work, you have an expectation of safety — that you or your loved one will not be harmed in any way.

Unfortunately, not everyone cares as much about other people’s safety as you or I do. Some people don’t even think about how their negligence will impact other lives.

Because of this carelessness, any situation, or even the products we use every day, can lead to injury or death. I’ve seen individuals forced out of work and even entire families become injured because of someone else’s negligence. This can cause emotional and financial devastation. I’ve even seen uncaring insurance companies make the situation worse by placing blame on victims or saying their injuries aren’t that bad.

That’s not okay in my book.

At my law firm, Mike Breen, Attorney at Law, P.S.C., my staff and I don’t see you as another case. We see you as a person or family who truly needs help in addressing their legal needs. We are there for you during your time of need because we truly care about you and your family, and getting you through the most difficult time of your life.

I don’t like seeing victims and their families get taken advantage of by the people who are supposed to be helping them. That’s why I always give honest evaluations and am straightforward about the process of recovering damages.

How I Help You Hold Careless Companies Accountable

When a company cares more about profits than the safety of its consumers, people get hurt and lives are impacted. This carelessness can result in:

I'll Help You Pick Up The Pieces After A Tragedy

If you’re suffering because a negligent company cared more about profits than your life, you should take action and seek the full and fair damages you are owed. You don’t have to do it alone though. I can help.

As a personal injury lawyer with more than 30 years’ experience, I’ve handled thousands of injury cases in Kentucky and Tennessee over my career. I know how to hold careless companies accountable and stop further harm to others. Don’t wait any longer. Call my Bowling Green office at 270-355-7264 to schedule your free initial consultation.