Defective Machinery

Defective mining machinery case


Bus Crash

Students injured by a careless field trip bus company that crashed bus.


Burned by Gas Can

Client burned by defective gasoline can


Head-On Collision Death

Death of a family man struck head-on by another driver


Athletic Training Accident

Death of high school athlete in training incident


Careless Company Death

Death caused by careless highway mowing company


Trucking Accident

A senior citizen's car was smashed by an 18-year-old driving a tri-axle truck. The client needed extensive rehabilitation and now uses a cane.


Traumatic Brain Injury

A client was driving his pickup truck when another driver ran a red light and smashed into his truck. Besides a broken neck, the client had a severe traumatic brain injury that changed his life and required lengthy hospitalization and rehabilitation. The case resulted in the payment of the full insurance policy limits of $1,000,000.


Back & Spine Injuries

A county employee allowed his unlicensed son to drive a dump truck owned by the county. The employee was standing across the road and waved the son across. He crashed into a car that had the right of way, causing numerous low back and spine injuries that kept our client from returning to work as a plumber. The back and spine injuries required surgery.


Tractor-Trailer Tragedy

A tractor-trailer driver had devastating stomach injuries when a wheel from another tractor-trailer came loose, skipped across the highway, and exploded into the cab of the truck he was driving. Doctors had to reconstruct his stomach wall using surgical mesh. We were able to help him collect his medical bills, wages, and compensation for future medical expenses and pain and suffering.


Defective Aerosol Can

Contractor injured by inhaling a defective aerosol


Careless Construction Accident

Senior citizen waved into the path of a tractor-trailer by a careless construction worker


Tragic Contractor Accident

A two-year-old girl tragically drowned in a family swimming pool. An engineering inspection showed that the pool contactor had not built the fencing and gate up to code requirements. The gate did not self-latch, and the slats were placed too far apart. This is called a wrongful death case.


Slip & Fall Accident

On Christmas day a woman tried to go into a restaurant to eat. The parking lot and sidewalk were covered with snow and ice, and as the lady approached the door her feet flew out from under her. She landed on her rear, and the severe spinal injuries required surgery, which included fusions and metal rods. She was out of work for a lengthy period of time. During the lawsuit, evidence was uncovered that the restaurant falsified maintenance records and that the snow and ice were allowed to thaw and refreeze over several days of cold weather.


Surgery Required After Crash

A client with a previous history of back surgery has a second back injury as a result of a car crash.


Fighting the Insurance Company

(Specific facts confidential) A couple’s home was destroyed by fire. The insurance company refused to pay any more than the appraised value of the property, which was much less than the cost to replace. The insurance company also paid much less for the contents than they were worth. While the insurance company delayed payment the couple was forced to live in a camper in an RV park.


Distracted Driving Accident

A young driver became distracted and strayed across the lane and hit another driver head-on. A witness at the scene claimed that the axle on the young driver’s car came loose, causing it to veer into the other vehicle. The young driver’s rear axle was taken apart and examined by a metallurgist (metal expert) who concluded that this did not happen. We were able to collect all of the liability insurance and underinsured motorist coverages available, including underinsured motorist coverages from several different vehicles.


Defective Immunoglobulin Formula

Hepatitis from defective immunoglobulin formula


Lost Wage Compensation

A 64-year-old lady had a severe knee fracture and extensive soft tissue damage when another driver ran a red light and smashed into her car. After surgery, she stayed in rehabilitation for about two weeks. She had been a Wal-Mart greeter, and the car accident caused her to lose a significant amount of time from work.


Farm Combine Collision

Motorcycle collision with farm combine


Bus Driver Claim Against Insurance Company

School bus driver claim against the insurance company for a knee injury


At-Fault Dispute

A truck driver was standing next to his rig adjusting the tarp at a rest area. While doing so he moved his foot under the tire of a tractor-trailer next to him. The driver of the tractor-trailer started to drive away and the tire rolled over the client’s foot, fracturing several toes. The case was disputed over who was at fault, and an out of court settlement was negotiated.


Whiplash Injury

Whiplash injury at a truck stop


Struck by Golf Cart

Senior citizen struck by golf cart on a public course


Crash Caused by Dog

A dog ran out in front of a biker, causing a motorcycle accident. The biker had eight rib fractures and a hemothorax (a collection of blood between the chest wall and the lung). The owner of the dog did nothing to control it, and an investigation showed that the dog had chased other people on motorcycles and bicycles.


Full Policy Payout

While riding in an uninsured car the client was in a wreck. Although there were serious back and spine injuries, including a herniated disc, no surgery was required. Another law firm turned the case down. After investigating the case and gathering medical evidence we persuaded the client’s insurance company to pay its full $100,000 policy limits.


Uninsured Motorist Crash

Claim versus policyholder’s underinsured motorist company for crash injuries