Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycle accidents are special because motorcycles and the people who ride them are unique. Motorcycles give bikers a sense of freedom unlike anything else. But bikers may also be in serious wrecks or spills that aren’t their fault, and the results can be terrible: friction burns from pavement (road rash), fractures, deep cuts and bruises, joint injuries, head and brain injuries, and other types of injuries that require special and expensive medical care.

Negligence & Carelessness On the Road Are A Biker’s Worst Enemies

Many motorcycle accidents happen because car and truck drivers simply don’t pay attention to their driving and what is going on around them. Bowling Green, Kentucky, has a high per capita accident rate, so drivers should be extra cautious and on the lookout for motorcyclists. Here are some of the problems that bikers face on the road:

  • Other drivers often fail to see motorcycles or treat bikers differently.
  • Drivers sometimes think that bikers don’t have the same rights as cars.
  • Drivers follow motorcycles too closely.
  • The motorcycle may be in the driver’s blind spot, and difficult to see.
  • Drivers mistakenly think bikers can maneuver out of tight situations.
  • Motorcycles may look small and seem far away.
  • Motorcycles don’t stop any more quickly than cars, but other drivers think they do.
  • Motorcycle signals may be hard to see.
  • Motorcycle headlights may be hard to see at night on streets with lots of other lightings from stores, traffic signals, or other vehicles.
  • A driver may not understand the hand signals made by a biker.

Because many of these factors can play a part in causing a motorcycle wreck, it is important to have an experienced lawyer involved early in the case. Bowling Green, Kentucky, lawyer Mike Breen has the experience and the resources to get to work immediately on your motorcycle accident, including investigations, medical experts and hands-on relationships with clients.

I Help Motorcyclists Get The Compensation They Need To Deal With Serious Injuries

Bikers are relatively unprotected and are easily injured. Even with a helmet motorcycle wrecks can still leave bikers and their loved ones with serious and permanent injuries. Bikers can go through car windshields, skid across the pavement, get thrown from the motorcycle into a ditch or on the road surface, or slam into trees, signs, and cars.

Over the years we have helped people recover from numerous motorcycle wrecks in Bowling Green, and throughout Kentucky. Because motorcycle accidents frequently involve severe injuries for the biker it is not unusual to make claims for expenses like:

  • High medical bills
  • Large income and wage loss
  • Rehabilitation
  • Permanent injuries and disability
  • Terrible pain and suffering and mental anguish
  • Funeral and burial costs

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The insurance laws that govern motorcycle accidents can be difficult and confusing. So can the insurance claims. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, call or contact attorney Mike Breen. Put our experience on your side while you recover from your injuries.