Property Liability


Before you even step foot on someone else’s property, you have an expectation that the property is safe. You don’t expect that any harm will come to you or your loved ones. But when a property owner fails to maintain safe premises or ignores potential dangers, they’re putting you and others at risk of serious injury or something far worse.

This is without a doubt negligence. You do not have to stand for this.

Property owners have the duty to ensure safe premises. When they fail in this duty, people can suffer serious or life-changing injuries as a result. When property owners ignore obvious signs of hazards, they put their needs before the safety of others.

People’s lives matter. I take great pride showing that in every personal injury case I take on.

I Put The Law On Your Side And Help You Seek The Damages You’re Owed

If an unsafe property caused your injuries or if the negligence of a property owner cost the life of someone you loved, you don’t have to suffer in silence. You have the right to hire an experienced attorney and hold the guilty party responsible.

My name is Mike Breen, and I’ve successfully handled hundreds of cases in Kentucky and Tennessee involving injuries and deaths caused by dangerous properties. I can do the same for you. Over my career I’ve seen:

  • Careless property owners fail to remove hazards that have led to everything from slip-and-falls to animal attacks
  • Unsafe working conditions that have led to serious injuries, like broken bones, or more catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries
  • Negligent owners poorly maintain their properties or provide inadequate security, resulting in injuries and attacks
  • Irresponsible nursing homes hire inexperienced and untrained staff who have put elderly lives in incredible danger
  • Hospitals hire inattentive medical staff who cause medical mistakes that deeply affect victims and their families

Every victim of a dangerous or unsafe property deserves fair compensation. I make sure they get that, even if it comes at a cost to me.

Your Life Matters To Me — Contact Mike Breen, Attorney At Law, P.S.C For Help Today

Whether you live in Bowling Green, elsewhere in Warren County or in the nearby Nashville area, I’m here to help. My methods might seem unorthodox, but confronting negligent and irresponsible individuals and companies, and holding them accountable, is my specialty. I make them take notice of your claim and hold them accountable for their actions.

Still aren’t sure if you need a lawyer? Call my law firm, Mike Breen, Attorney at Law, P.S.C., today at 270-355-7264 for your free initial consultation. I answer my phone right away and give you answers on the spot. I also don’t get paid unless you do, which means the only thing you have to lose is your chance at fair compensation. Don’t risk that. Call me today.