Catastrophic Injuries


If practicing law over the last 30 years has taught me anything, it’s that every injury case is different. Anyone can easily suffer serious or catastrophic injuries because of someone else’s negligence. And there are so many ways in which this could happen, such as:

I also know that each of these cases requires its own level of attention, medical care and involvement from experts and investigators. And while some can be handled outside of the courtroom, others need to be taken in front of a judge.

Your Injury Is Not Your Only Concern

On top of worrying about your or your loved one’s injuries, you may also face challenges when dealing with insurance companies or corporations. That’s because these companies care more about their profits than you. They will try just about anything to get out of paying the fair amount owed to victims and their families.

Careless companies don’t see you the way I, lawyer Mike Breen, see you. I see you as someone who is in pain, out of work and in need of strong legal advocacy. I will make the other side listen to your claim and take it seriously. I won’t let you settle for a lowball figure and I will help you fight back against an insurance company if they deny your claim.

Everyone deserves fair compensation, including you. I can help with that.

From lost limbs to brain injuries, paraplegia to quadriplegia, multiple fractures to shattered bones, not all injuries are the same. People who were once considered productive members of society may suddenly find themselves unable to do their job or even care for their families. I make big-name corporations, negligent drivers and forceful insurance companies understand this by reminding them that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all payout.

A catastrophic or serious injury may stay with a person for life. I will build a case that accounts for your expenses now and later on.

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Don’t believe me? Let my record of successful cases show you how capable I am of helping clients recover damages that meet their needs.

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