What Is A Traumatic Brain Injury?

The brain is a vital component of the human body. In the brain many different bodily processes are controlled, from a person’s ability to use their senses to their abilities to move and control their bodies. When the brain is healthy, the systems of the body may work without issue. However, when a Kentucky resident suffers a traumatic brain injury, their whole body may be affected by the harm.

A traumatic brain injury occurs when the brain is forcibly struck against the inner skull, causing damage. Many traumatic brain injuries are caused by common personal injury accidents like motor vehicle crashes and slip and fall incidents. However, traumatic brain injuries can also result from penetrations, such as when a projectile penetrates the skull and harms the brain inside.

Because the brain is involved in so many different bodily functions, any harm to it may result in a wide range of possible problems for a victim. If the victim’s brain is harmed in the location where coordination and balance are performed, they may lose their capacity to effectively ambulate. If their brain is hurt in the region where memory is processed, they may suffer from short or long-term amnesia as a result of their traumatic injury.

The symptoms of traumatic brain injuries can therefore vary, and different brain injury victims respond differently to different treatments. It is important that victims of this serious form of harm seek medical help to have their traumatic brain injuries assessed and managed. Once they are on the road to recovery, a victim can begin to investigate any possible legal claims available to them to recover their traumatic brain injury-related damages.

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