Traumatic brain injuries that most often result from car crashes

The brain holds the key to much of the essential functioning of your body. It controls your intellect, ability to sense things, emotions and mindfulness. This is one of the reasons that, if you suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI), it can be so life altering for you.

In order for a TBI to occur, an individual must have suffered some type of external impact to one’s head. More often than not, these types of injuries occur as a result of a person’s involvement in some type of personal injury incident, such as a slip-and-fall or car crash.

One of perhaps the more common types of traumatic brain injuries is a concussion. It generally occurs when an individual suffers direct contact with one’s head.

In the case of car crashes, a motorist will often mistake confusion or dizziness as a sign of whiplash. In the most serious of cases, though, the concussion will be so severe that the motorist loses consciousness. If so, the victim risks suffering permanent damage.

Contusions, or bleeds on the brain, are caused by significant head trauma. Unless they’re removed surgically, these can develop into blood clots, a condition that can result in an individual’s death.

Diffuse axonal injuries are caused by the brain suffering significant rotational force or shaking. This type force causes some of the brain’s structures to tear as it collides with an individual’s skull.

This profound type of TBI can cause an individual to suffer neuro-chemical imbalances. These can manifest as a reduction in motor skill function, decreased sensitivity to stimuli and memory lapses. This type of injury inevitably causes significant, permanent brain damage and could even put victims in a coma or kill them.

Penetration injuries can also result in an individual’s death. They often involve a sharp object, such as glass, penetrating a person’s skull, then brain. Much like some of the more profound types of TBI, this injury leaves behind lasting, debilitating effects.

If you’ve suffered a TBI, you’ll need to invest significant resources in getting the best treatment available for your condition. A Bowling Green brain injury attorney can advise you of your right to sue to cover these costs.

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