Summer Crashes : These 3 Tips Can Save Lives

In the summer, there are many hazards that drivers face on the roads. While most people assume distracted driving, speeding and similar violations of the traffic laws are the most dangerous, there are other hazards to watch out for, too.

When you think about the summer, remember that it’s very hot, that the ground is dry and that there is heavier traffic. These factors can impact your safety on the roads. Here are a few things to do to prevent accidents.

1. Drink enough water

Dehydration is a serious risk in the summer, even if you’re in a vehicle with air conditioning. As the sun shines through your windshield, it does cause you to sweat and have that sweat evaporate. Additionally, air conditioning dries out the air in your vehicle, so you dehydrate quickly. To avoid getting dehydrated, make sure to stop frequently and drink as much water as possible before your trip and while you’re traveling. It’s not a great idea to drink behind the wheel, so pull over if you need to grab a few sips.

2. Slow down and watch out for gravel

The summer also means it’s construction season. Since the sun is hot and the air is dry, the ground dries out as well. That means that debris like dust, dirt and gravel collect on the roads. If you try to stop on this debris, you could lose control of your vehicle. Prepare for this by slowing down.

3. Prepare for a slower commute

Finally, prepare for a slower commute. The summer is a time where many people travel, and on top of that, students are no longer in class. That means that more people will be on the roads, and traffic will be more congested. Give yourself more time to get where you need to go, so you can take your time and follow the traffic laws.

These are a few things you can do to prevent accidents. If you’re hurt in a crash, your attorney can help you get the compensation you need.

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