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On behalf of Mike Breen July 26, 2017

A multi-vehicle crash claimed the lives of six individuals late Thursday night, July 13, 2017, as they rode along Interstate 65. It’s believed that traffic congestion in a construction area along the northbound side of the highway contributed to a tractor-trailer operator losing control and crashing his truck into several passenger vehicles.

Kentucky State Police first received reports of the crash beginning at around 10:38 p.m. Upon arriving at the scene, witnesses reported initially having seen a big rig stopped in traffic in the right lane along with two passenger cars. Soon thereafter, they noted that they saw another tractor-trailer approaching in the right lane behind them.

The witnesses said it appeared that the operator of that 18-wheeler had no intentions to stop. It was then that the approaching semi crashed into the car in front of him. That collision led to a chain reaction whereby that car’s driver crashed into the car in front of them, leading another tractor-trailer to also be struck.

One of the original vehicles struck, was a minivan carrying six members of a single family. According to the Warren County Coroner, all but one of the passengers in that van lost their lives in the crash. Among the deceased were four males, ages 74, 59, 30 and 17 as well as a 48-year-old female.

The lone survivor in that van, a boy that police estimate is around 5, was transported to Vanderbilt University’s Medical Center. He’s expected to recover from his injuries.

Police that reported the family’s death to loved ones confirmed that the family was traveling through Bowling Green back to their home in Beech Grove, Indiana. They had just vacationed in Florida prior to the crash.

The driver of the other car, that was struck by the family’s van, also died at the crash scene. His or her identity has not yet been confirmed by police.

Police said that they believe that congestion caused by the recent construction in the area of mile marker 30 might have thrown the trucker off and contributed to his role in the causing the crash.

If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in a truck accident, an attorney can assist you in seeking compensation from the at-fault driver.

Source: WKYT, “Six people killed in crash on I-65 near Bowling Green; five identified,” July 14, 2017