5 things all drivers should do after a car crash

We live in a dangerous area, as far as car crashes are concerned. Especially along Interstate 65, vehicle collisions happen all the time, often with tragic or devastating results. One crash can cost everything. Someone’s whole life could be altered by the damages, medical bills and lasting effects of an injury, or their life could be lost completely. If you find yourself in a collision on the road, make sure you always do these five things.

1. Call the paramedics immediately.

There is a high chance that someone will be injured in the crash. You need to get medical help on the scene as soon as possible. If your injuries are major, treatment is first priority, even if that means a trip to the hospital.

You might seem unharmed in the crash but neck and spine injuries, which are common after a collision, do not reveal symptoms until days or weeks after they happened. You should always seek medical attention and let a doctor check for injuries in the weeks after the incident.

2. Call police to the scene and cooperate with them.

You should always contact the police. Some drivers may try to avoid this but a police report is essential to have on record. Even if you are worried that you will be blamed for the crash, you cannot be proven at fault without a fair trial, if it even gets to that point.

Once the police arrive, cooperate with them but never tell them you think you were at fault. If you believe the other driver was drunk, you can mention this to the police.

3. Take photos of injuries and damages.

It is better to have too many photos than not enough. Snap photos of car damages, the scene and any visible injuries on your body.

4. Call a skilled personal injury attorney.

You will have to deal with a lot after a crash. There may be car damages, a need for a temporary rental car, medical bills, time needed away from work and maybe more. An attorney can help you through this process by advising you on what to do next, helping you make necessary claims and fighting for compensation to ease the financial stress of your situation.

5. Hold off on calling the insurance company until you consult an attorney.

Many people are inclined to talk with their insurance company right away because they are stressed and want financial coverage as soon as possible. You can tell them you were in a car crash but do not make a deal about the crash yet. Insurance companies look for ways to pay you much less than you deserve or deny your coverage altogether. Consult an attorney first. They can advise you on your rights and help you through your situation by seeking proper coverage and compensation for you.

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